Uwe H. Martin

Uwe H. Martin

Uwe H. Martin is an independen visual storyteller, slow journalist, and multimedia producer at the Bombay Flying Club. Currently she partners with Frauke Huber on a set of multimedia documentaries about the global commons water, seed and land: White Gold investigates the social and environmental effects of global cotton production. Their current visual research project LandRush explores the impact of large-scale agro investments on rural economies and land-rights, the boom of renewable fuels, the reallocation of land and the future of agriculture around the world. Their projects grow organically chapter by chapter developing over years and build bridges between magazine journalism, web documentaries, interactive apps and spacial installations. In 2010 Frauke and Uwe founded Aggreys Dream, a project supporting a school in a slum in Mombasa, Kenya.

Besides their collective work Uwe H. Martin  serves on the jury of the World Press Photo Digital Storytelling Contest, the Lumix Multimedia Award, the German Reporter Award, the CPOY and the Bosch Masterclass „Future of Science Journalism“, where he is also part of the faculty. Uwe is teaching photography and multimedia storytelling in universities, journalism schools and workshops around the world.




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